One of the most developing countries in the world INDIA.So the FUTURE OF INDIA IN 2025 is very good.

Will India become a $5-trillion economy in 2025? There are two contrasting outlooks: optimistic and pessimistic.

The optimistic view is that growth will propel higher by the rise of the middle class, young demographics, and changes in globalization.

The pessimistic outlook is that poor physical and human infrastructure will transform India’s demographic dividend into a disaster.

List of Country according to there GDP

  • United States (GDP: 20.49 trillion)
  • China (GDP: 13.4 trillion)
  • Japan: (GDP: 4.97 trillion)
  • Germany: (GDP: 4.00 trillion)
  • United Kingdom: (GDP: 2.83 trillion)
  • France: (GDP: 2.78 trillion)
  • India: (GDP: 2.72 trillion)
  • Italy: (GDP: 2.07 trillion)


“To achieve the GDP of USD 5 trillion by 2024-25, India needs to spend about USD 1.4 trillion on infrastructure. The challenge is to step-up annual infrastructure investment. So that lack of infrastructure does not become a binding constraint on the growth of the Indian economy,” the Survey said.

The increases in infrastructure spending in the country is likely to be driven by sectors like housing, telecom, healthcare, education, transportation, among others

Sustained investment in infrastructure is one of the key imperatives for turning the “Make in India” vision into reality. Achieving a manufacturing-led transformation would necessitate addressing the bottlenecks across the infrastructure.

The Government has also emphasized the need for stepping up the scale and scope of private investment in infrastructure by allowing 100% FDI in some areas of railway infrastructure and by easing of FDI rules in construction. The development of smart cities is likely to bridge the gap in infrastructure development in the country.

To ease the strain on existing airport capacities, 100 more airports are to made operational by FY2023-24. The Survey said adding to continue with the high growth trajectory the government has been providing a congenial environment so that Indian carriers double their fleet from about 680 aircraft at the close of 2019 to 1,200 by FY 2023-24.


Digital technologies are expected to generate $1 trillion in economic value for India — spearheading the $5 trillion economy ambition by contributing 20 percent to the country’s nominal GDP and sustaining 60-65 million jobs by 2025.

The report, ‘Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation’, estimates India’s labor force to grow to 545 million by 2025, from 480 million in 2017, aided by core digital sectors, newly digitizing sectors, government services, and labor markets, thereby creating economic value.

By 2025, India is expected to have 90 percent Internet penetration with 850 million users, with a rural base growing 2.5 times as compared to the urban base.

Potential value to the Indian economy by 2025 if the government and the private sector work together to create new digital ecosystems.

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